VR & Motion Capture

Created by Here Be Dragons, Dispatch follows a small-town police dispatcher as he faces an all-night crime spree. The experience takes you inside the dispatcher’s perspective in this episodic, audio-based miniseries. You can dive into Dispatch on Gear VR and Rift. White Blush Productions provided motion capture data supervision and production assistance for Dispatch.

Grammy Award-Winning Producer Launches VR Game Studio With Intentions to Expand the Music Industry Model

Below are behind-the-scenes photos from the motion capture shoot at Fonco Studios & Noitom for VR game called Moshpit created by Darryl Swann. Established in 2016, Moshpit XR Studios specializes in the development of content for emerging immersive platforms including virtual-reality, augmented-reality and 3D-audio. MoshpitXRStudios.com

A dramatic horror scene directed using the latest motion capture technology at Rouge Studio mentoring by Halon Entertainment’s Daniel Gregoire, the lead previsualization director on “War for the Planet of the Apes” among numerous well known film titles.