Prints_ – Ghosts – Sunset in the Rearview

Source: Sunset in the Rearview

LA’s prints_ (yes, underscore included) are practically demanding to look like a potentially malicious line of code with that name and heavily processed artwork. It makes sense then that their two previous singles, 2012′s “Wish” and “Cut”, are heavily glitchy future pop affairs, striking somewhere between being Purity Ring‘s younger sibling and a shrine dedicated to the late Crystal Castles. The most unsettling factor here though is singer Carol Rhyu, also known by dream pop project White Blush. Normally the kind of airy-sounding singer fit for night driving mixtapes, Rhyu sounds like a trapped spirit moping through the halls in a seedy club on “Ghosts”.

White Blush – Ether – NO FEAR OF POP



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Los Angeles-based Carol Rhyu, aka White Blush, makes some of the best synth pop nowadays. Her reverb-drenched vocals and dreamy synths have a certain intoxication to them, something that makes her music so addictive and emotional. The aptly-titled “Ether” follows this even more so than usual, creating an even more haunting mood, reminiscing at points the best shoegaze bands. It’s one for headphones and hiding under the covers.

The new White Blush EP is called Loves Park, and it’s available as a free/name-your price download on bandcamp. Stream “Ether” and other recommended track “Summer” below: