Celestial Meetings

Could it be true that the person you are thinking of right now is also thinking of you?

Universe is orchestrating a meeting as we speak. Something so celestial you won’t believe it. You will run because that is what we are taught to do. From anything that does not ‘make sense’ as it were.

I used to be just like that. Fucking crazy. Nothing I could do about it except get hospitalized one day.

It is strange but I feel close to him even though we are apart and never to speak again. How come he is still in the air. He is everywhere.

He and I foreshadowed a separation, and we made sure we had something to remember the other by so as not to forget the sanctity of our original intent, which was a ball of yarn that spun out its course.

Now I feel a great cosmic wave, something so destined and surreal, according to this psychic on YouTube, this is some hardcore ‘universal ethereal telepathic in-the-stars shit.’

Mother Mary gold plated art at Roman Orthodox Christian church