There are Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Lives, Infinite Universes


Recently I heard schizophrenics ‘do not hear the other side. They *are the other side.’ I also do not really believe in space/time concepts anymore which are too limiting and are only modes of perception and experience. Beyond this there is only pure consciousness – infinite possibilities infinite lives infinite universes which are existing as fractals of one unified experience. If you can imagine it everything you are and have ever wished to become you have already been. You think it you become aware of it. Therefore it existed/exists/will exist.

Language of Spirit is Hidden


When I tried to tell my brother about the Devil he only saw the white canvas and not any of this black paint. The language of Spirit is hidden. You will never have discernment on this earth plane when you live in a matrix of illusions, false love and bestow fake value upon yourself through ‘identity’ and difference.