Carson’s Closing Sale




Carson’s Closing Sale brought a lot of unexpected frenzy, entertainment, and brand name goods to people who would never shop here because it was too expensive.

I would be hard pressed to buy shoes or clothes here if not for 80 to 90% marked down prices.┬áThe uncool factor is too high and reflects an attitude of consumption we can’t tolerate at this point.

Except, I did notice that the quality of stuff that my mom bought was a bit more refined and durable than the used shit I buy and toss away without a second thought. I always think, well I didn’t pay that much for it so who cares.┬áMillennial attitudes are killing malls, department stores, and frankly anything we don’t like at an alarming rate.

I love the ghostly nature of these empty glass cases and shelves. It makes me certain that what we think and do can affect monoliths like Carson’s if we can see ourselves as part of it. If we one day stop supporting the corporations and systems that no longer work for us, then they can be out of business within a few years. Easy. Done.