Watching ‘Loves Park’ right now

Our friend @javatinii shared he is enjoying ‘Loves Park’ at the moment and getting hungry for pomegranate. ^.- have you downloaded LP yet? See link 🍭🦄🍾🍟🍔🍷🍡😊

#lovesparkfilm #amazon #whiteblush Movie still from the pomegranate scene, friends watching 'Loves Park,' available on Amazon Direct Video

Double Vacuum Doom loop

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-1-10-58-amNew experiences or extremely vivid perceptions therein once had cannot be taken back, and may lead to paranoia, panic, anxiety, ideas of inadequacy, or generic feelings of lust which may require asking for strange help, immediately followed by late nights giving out flying fucks. Fast food, junk mail, alcohol, $$ problems, prescription drugs, quietly cursing/fucking oneself.