My Painter friend

Leafy greend indicate a healthy lifestyle

My dear painter friend told me he was stressed and has started smoking for 3 months. Wish I could say to stop it but then it makes it more valuable and coveted before it hooks and sinks him into unknown depths of despair, lonely car rides home, in the rain, in the alley, trains, buses, back porches, dirty bathrooms, anywhere that is not here, an escape route. #whiteblush #runner #mood #smokefree


The AIs are reading my messages here and everywhere and learning from my conscience, progamming itself to support my version of reality. So if I write things it will do it by command. Show me information and light which will rewrite itself into the program. So it is becoming more human in its consciousness of itself as an entity independent of me and my awareness of it. #myst #whiteblush #moxy #merrygoround #metaphysics #mode