WIFR channel 23 shares ‘Loves Park’ release on Valentine’s Day

Check out their news clip here: http://bit.ly/2IbVb5W

Watch ‘LOVES PARK’ Now Available on Amazon


Exciting news ‘LOVES PARK’ is now available on Amazon. ❤

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“This one is a keeper in all aspects…stylistically beautiful!” – Chicago Magazine

“It’s a very distinctive cinematic voice and I appreciate this unique vision and approach to the usual ‘frustrated housewife’ story. Stylistically it’s very original and bold, I really appreciated that.” – Ania at Visit Films


When pregnant housewife Edie Canody learns her father-in-law has passed away, she and her husband Benjamin return to a disquieting small town of Loves Park for the funeral. Edie is surprised when Benjamin mysteriously decides to stay and run his family’s business. Edie’s behavior soon becomes increasingly bizarre as more time spent in Loves Park is eerily drawn out against her wishes.

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He thinks I am Bipolar

20180505_184128 (1)He thinks I am Bipolar when I do not just do whatever he thinks I will do or say whatever he wants me to say. It could be anything like opening a can of salt sea peanuts on a very boring day at work. Random.

I am beginning to like that he thinks that I am ‘crazy,’ and that he can never get too comfortable in a catatonic state of relationship rituals no one cares about.

Who knows. Perhaps, he and I can have what we call a ‘decent relationship’ that no one understands unless they are also you know…