Double Vacuum Doom loop

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-1-10-58-amNew experiences or extremely vivid perceptions therein once had cannot be taken back, and may lead to paranoia, panic, anxiety, ideas of inadequacy, or generic feelings of lust which may require asking for strange help, immediately followed by late nights giving out flying fucks. Fast food, junk mail, alcohol, $$ problems, prescription drugs, quietly cursing/fucking oneself.

Late afternoon coma

white blush moodI woke from a coma of an afternoon nap and would like to go out for dinner. But a small thought of eating makes me tired. Sometimes you really want to eat something but do not know what to eat so end up starving.

I would like to feel a bit happy. The film is beautiful and it is almost done. Had I known how hard this would be, I would not have done it; maybe that is the beauty of not knowing.

Everyday something is dropped. That you cannot pick up again.