Cognitive dissonance

When I am in love it feels like this– like my beloved is watching me from far away and feeling very sad. He doesn’t realize the dissonance is a projection of fear, and that on the other side of it he’s also in love with me running outside.


Step. 9 When the original dream you had 6 months ago is starting to merge with you physically and emotionally and there is a lot of laughter and dancing in the banquet hall next door with wafts of fresh bread, bottomless glasses of wine, and infinite lives and universes. #truelove #whiteblush #metaphysics

Double Vacuum Doom loop

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-1-10-58-amNew experiences or extremely vivid perceptions therein once had cannot be taken back, and may lead to paranoia, panic, anxiety, ideas of inadequacy, or generic feelings of lust which may require asking for strange help, immediately followed by late nights giving out flying fucks. Fast food, junk mail, alcohol, $$ problems, prescription drugs, quietly cursing/fucking oneself.