Surprise Visit

Nursing home father black and white photograph Carol Rhyu

I visited my dad the other day and saw this beautiful moment of him sitting alone in his room. Usually he is asleep.

Even when I was this close he didn’t even notice I was there until I was standing right beside him. He was elated to see me.

I see these photos and feel sad about his deteriorating health and how we cannot care for his needs at home. How long can a person live like this without feeling abandoned and hopeless a bit.

Send your parents love for me. I sometimes don’t feel I am or can do enough for them myself.

Tao print

Lawyers meeting at the unoccupied security desk at The Rolling Meadows Courthouse

Over the last few weeks I learned that Tao is ‘everything’ so when I became empty I was filled with light. With love, everything that was meant for me in all the strangest most unexpected ways possible.

I also discovered that a print is ‘an impression, a stamp or seal that fixes something firmly and indelibly in someone’s mind.’

I.e. ‘his face with its clearly drawn features was printed on her memory.’

Whatever prints I give to you please take them from me now and create something you will one day come to cherish and love so much.