Film Production Services in Chicago, IL

White Blush Productions is a film production company that specializes in script development, physical production, post-production, and music selection services for use in television, film, virtual reality, and video games. Please see showreel and for inquiries contact We look forward to discussing your upcoming production soon!

Owner and creative director at White Blush Productions Carol Rhyu studied at The American Film Institute where she began writing her feature film, “Loves Park.” In 2014, “Loves Park” made it to the second round of the Sundance Screenwriting Lab. She continued to write the film and bought an MC-Roland 808 synthesizer, released a handful of bedroom recordings, and titled her project White Blush that now serves up an ambient electronic score to her debut film. Her work as a musician and music video director has been featured in blogs, festivals, The American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, and received a Music Video Grant.

She participated in Los Angeles’ Mocap Summit directing scenes using the latest motion capture technology and mentored by Halon Entertainment’s Daniel Gregoire who was the lead previsualization director for “War for the Planet of the Apes.”Currently White Blush Productions is in development of a science fiction film called “Cerulean Trace,” which recently made it to the 2nd round of the Asian-American Sundance Screenwriting Lab.

Carol started film production company White Blush Productions to make indie drama “Loves Park” and was picked up for distribution by Global Genesis Group now out on Amazon!

“This one is a keeper in all aspects…stylistically beautiful!” – Chicago Magazine

“It’s a very distinctive cinematic voice and I appreciate this unique vision and approach to the usual ‘frustrated housewife’ story. Stylistically it’s very original and bold, I really appreciated that.” – Ania at Visit Films

Listen to ‘Loves Park’ Soundtrack + Bonus Downloads


When pregnant housewife Edie Canody learns her father-in-law has passed away, she and her husband Benjamin return to a disquieting small town of Loves Park for the funeral. Edie is surprised when Benjamin mysteriously decides to stay and run his family’s business. Edie’s behavior soon becomes increasingly bizarre as more time spent in Loves Park is eerily drawn out against her wishes.