Royal Buffet

Royal Buffet Schaumburg IL ceiling in lobby

I reexamined the ceiling, and some its finer flaws. The rust, the tile which is a 90s kitchen floor, and unmotivated patchwork. It would have been better if it was just gangster and dirty kind of like the seafood. #dirty #gangster #eating #whiteblush #mood


I think marriage is a vow to silently kill eachother. These are my parents who had different styles of survival my father was very physical, abrasive and verbally abusive while my mother more subtle and covert ie. she could easily starve you if you pissed her off. My dad’s weakness is he could not cook because being served was a personal pleasure.

Barren land

Deergrove Forest Preserve Palatine Illinois

Barren land or fertile soil. I had so many cuts I start to feel an ache all over. I feel unsure of myself like maybe I ‘went too far l’ into dreams that appear very irrational.

But I think dreams are from your higher self messages from the soul, infinite past present future lives, they are to protect you from danger coming up ahead. Some of us are literally buried alive and do not even know.