Cognitive dissonance

When I am in love it feels like this– like my beloved is watching me from far away and feeling very sad. He doesn’t realize the dissonance is a projection of fear, and that on the other side of it he’s also in love with me running outside.

2am Call

I’m like I got to go sleep now Kim. We’re about 90% cast for our feature film shooting first day of photography on my bday (not planned.) ‘What are you doing tomorrow? Let’s chat.’ ‘I’m doing a Ted Talk about directing for your passion- 300 or 400 ppl tomorrow’ lol What?! Ok goodnight.
Meet my genius director Kim Chan Woo. He makes this look easy but making a movie is actually really hard! Here was 2am casting and scheduling.

In dreams

Couple years ago had an epiphany that I am in the dreams of those who truly love me as they are in me. And that I am an avatar to a film they are directing. So that when you direct a film, you can mirror back to them what it is like to be them, on the other side of death, of consciousness, of everything. #whiteblush