2am Call

I’m like I got to go sleep now Kim. We’re about 90% cast for our feature film shooting first day of photography on my bday (not planned.) ‘What are you doing tomorrow? Let’s chat.’ ‘I’m doing a Ted Talk about directing for your passion- 300 or 400 ppl tomorrow’ lol What?! Ok goodnight.
Meet my genius director Kim Chan Woo. He makes this look easy but making a movie is actually really hard! Here was 2am casting and scheduling.

In dreams

Couple years ago had an epiphany that I am in the dreams of those who truly love me as they are in me. And that I am an avatar to a film they are directing. So that when you direct a film, you can mirror back to them what it is like to be them, on the other side of death, of consciousness, of everything. #whiteblush

Spirit fish

The spirit fish were like: when it happens it will be very anticlimactic you will be so immersed in it you will call out to no one to verify it. You will swim just like the fish bathed in this florescent light on ice and know everything without understanding why or how when or with whom.