Watching ‘Loves Park’ right now

Our friend @javatinii shared he is enjoying ‘Loves Park’ at the moment and getting hungry for pomegranate. ^.- have you downloaded LP yet? See link 🍭🦄🍾🍟🍔🍷🍡😊

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Watch Official Prologue to ‘Loves Park’ Now Out on Amazon

‘Loves Park’ now available on Amazon:

What day is it today and who cares

Listening to Harold Budd in my room is otherworldly and special. I never left this room. I will never leave this room.

It is the hour of the day in which it is so bright out that I ask myself ‘what do people do these days?’ and two hours later, ask the same question with genuine and renewed interest. 

I feel a bit thirsty, is it already time for drinking and asking how other people’s days went? I have nothing to report, except for this–

this video that I shared on Facebook. At first I did not understand but after repeated viewings I started convulsing from body spasms and laughter. I put it on private so I could entertain myself on Facebook for a very long time, but shortly after deleted it because I felt bad for Living my god damn life THRIVING THROUGH REAL EMOTION.’

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.51.23 PM

At the same time I thought of a list of FB friends I could share this with who would immediately find it funny without my having to explain it too much, but after a few minutes I gave up.

One more, last one.

Also can you just listen to this song called “Love Trap” by Soko? I really want to tell ‘Ariel stop it.’  ‘I want to be a mermaid. I want to be a mermaid.’

Poster design for ‘Loves Park‘ by Anthony Wallace.  I want to cry when I make a new friend in art. <3


Loves Park Movie Trailer No. 1


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