The furniture moves

Furniture set at scene of the crime Claridge. Photo credit: Carol Rhyu

I hear everything beneath them.

It was painful to witness my father’s deterioration and slow decline. In the last 5 months, he expressed a great deal of grief and abandonment by me and my mom at our admitting him to a facility. After 5 months of caring for him at home, I felt exhausted and that we could not do it anymore.

I believed he was safe at this facility Claridge Healthcare Center in Lake Bluff, Illinois, but am remorseful about my decision to take him there at all. In their care, he was neglected, abused, punished, finally passed away through a series of cruel negligent acts that the Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating at the moment.  Even with my reporting and taking legal action against the facility, I am saddened none of this will bring him back.

I asked Alex Chi what happened, and he called a nurse to inform me that my dad ‘had a fever, ate a good meal, and passed away peacefully in his sleep.’ 

When I saw his body at the funeral home, there was a large horizontal cut across his left cheek which no one had informed me of and his passing did not appear ‘peaceful’ whatsoever. I have been haunted by images of the wound on his face.

I could not believe the ignorance and incompetence of the Coroner and police detectives either. Their stance was ‘there was not that much blood’ and ‘old people fall down.’ I never was told he fell, I found out he fell and according to them ‘this happens all the time.’ 

Do your f**** job. I do not know how many different ways I could express this without saying those words. 

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