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White Blush released her Loves Park EP this week, creating a green pasture by stepping through the dimension of sound. The LA artist Carol Rhyu composes musical in spacial, visual, and well noted cinematic ways, that we detailed in last year’s write up for “Neptune“. And even then, we never quite could have imagined the electric etched otherside of this world that Rhyu has made with Loves Park, something even beyond the Lynch/Badalamenti/Cruise love, and profound appreciation for Gary Wilson.

From the get go on “Wish”, it rapidly becomes the epitome of the ultimate intro song. Follow how the key’s effects are gradually applied with grace, where Carol’s voice controls sonic dissonance where the drums patterns are invited according to a restrained but effectively planed order of sequence. The DJ Gomexxx production splashes buckets of pure sun, that coasts into the hot August night keys of, “Summer”, that creates the feeling of riding and rolling free in the convertible life of partying with the roof down. Everything around the speakers become absorbed into more of the White Blush manufacturing of fog and climate conditions through the vapor digitales of, “Ether”.

The David Lynch institutions of cinematic environments springs these songs to new tiers, exploded dream diary doses of guitar strum around the planetary orbit on, “Neptune”. The ephemeral world of Loves Park is given both a tangible and sense of real place, an Atlantis from above the clouds where Carol creates her own electronic cut earth and skies. But little is fully explained, as our following dialogue with Carol only provides vague hints and subtle clues to of Loves Park. Like the gorgeous mind coasting closer, “Mysterieux”; little about this imagined dream world is explained, a mystery of beauty made to be experienced in all capacities available.

White Blush’s Carol Rhyu wrote the following to us about the making of the Loves Park EP:

“I pretty much scavenged everywhere for these songs, it was like treasure hunt. For Ether and Summer, I was listening to so much Julee Cruise and Twin Peaks and tried to make those flying Ariel Pink synths. I love that one nympho song.

I’d also been dreaming about this pretty mythic place Loves Park for so long, caught in this four-year loop in a sort of dissociated state where I can’t really think about anything else. It’s hard for me to watch TV or go to shows. I think the music is all becoming more visual though, I just have to shoot the images now.”

Loves Park is available via Bandcamp.

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