Watch ‘LOVES PARK’ Now Available on Amazon

‘LOVES PARK’ is now available on Amazon:

“This one is a keeper in all aspects…stylistically beautiful!” – Chicago Magazine

“It’s a very distinctive cinematic voice and I appreciate this unique vision and approach to the usual ‘frustrated housewife’ story. Stylistically it’s very original and bold, I really appreciated that.” – Ania at Visit Films

*Download “Loves Park” EP by White Blush


When pregnant housewife Edie Canody learns her father-in-law has passed away, she and her husband Benjamin return to a disquieting small town of Loves Park for the funeral. Edie is surprised when Benjamin mysteriously decides to stay and run his family’s business. Edie’s behavior soon becomes increasingly bizarre as more time spent in Loves Park is eerily drawn out against her wishes.

Listen to 104.9 The X Morning Show Interview with Director/Producer Carol Rhyu:



Living in a mansion of conscious experience

Forgot what step I am on. But the dream in its original fresh form has faded and has become more like an invisible protective formless layer against anything or anyone that seemed to undermine it, a sort of turn key that unlocks many hidden rooms in the mansion of your conscious experience. 🌊⚡☄🗻 #dreams #dreaminterpretation #whiteblush #mystic #myst #mode

Baby Panda

Baby panda stuck on piece of wood

Stuck on a peice of wood, you are looking down at all the things you want to eat, people you want to see, music you want to hear, but you can’t because you’re just a panda. #mood

Veneers 2019

Told my dentist I want super white fucking teeth. And he said these TV anchors and kpop stars actually have veneers, I said darn. Then he was like it is ‘so gross’ because he could tell they are yellowed in the back. I can do yellow in the back, like a good band name. Veneers 2019.